My name is Steve McAnena, I am a software developer living in the north west of the UK.

All the software shown on this site and any software listed by steve_mc001 on eBay or from McAnena.uk on Google Play has been created by me, either in my spare time or as professional commissions .

There are many hundreds of commercial locations all around the UK that are currently using software that I have created and many thousands of user all over the world who have downloaded and used my android apps

All software created and sold by me or by licenses resellers of my software products are governed by an EULA (End User License Agreement). You must agree to this document before installing and using any of the applications listed on this site or any of the applications I list on Google Play, eBay or any of my other web sites..

Some of the download able applications are password protected and you will need this password to install the software. Other software products are classed as Trial ware this means you can install the software and for a period of time use the software until the expiry date is reached or the use count reaches the allowed limit, after this you will be required to purchase a license to continue using it.

Some applications, especially mobile or tablet application are sold as full product or given away for free on Google Play. Those applications are governed by the Google play agreement and rules.

If in doubt about the software you are using you can right click on the Executable file e.g. My Program.exe and click Properties. In the properties page click the version tab, in the ‘Other version information’ under the ‘item name’ list select ‘Legal Trademarks’. if the software was created by me there will be an entry value similar to Copyright© 2005 -2017 Steven McAnena. This information has been compiled into the binary exe file and may not be changed.

Some of the software titles on this site is at beta test version level or greater, There are absolutely no guarantees that those programs it will install correctly on your PC or even work! I don't offer any warranties of any kind so install at your own risk as detailed in the EULA.

All the software and software installers have been fully tested and virus checked however having your own virus checker is essential, Please ensure its not running at the time of installation.
As with all software do make sure no other programs are running (especially MS Office) during install.

Back up your system regularly.

I hope you enjoy the software programs listed on this site and I hope they meet your needs. If there is something you think I could help you with, please drop me a note. I will consider all requests for bespoke alterations or custom software applications

mailto: steve@sjq-systems.com or steve@mcanena.uk



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