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Welcome to IFAS Reader, IFAS stands for Interactive Fiction & Adventure Software, with this app you can read interactive fiction and game books created with the IFAS Creator app.

An IFAS gamebook is a type of eBook where you get to decide what happens next in the story. Each page is written as events in your story and at the bottom of the page, you can see options.

Those options link to other pages in the story. Some pages will continue the story, some pages will end the story and some pages can link back to a previous page or a different branch of the story, like a side quest...

You will see the book like any other eBook using the IFAS Reader app and will have pages with the options in blue text at the bottom of each page.

You tap those options to progress through the book and you cannot move back through the book and can only move forward based on the choices you make.

Bundled with the reader app is a sample game book.

You can download gamebooks, some gamebooks will cost money, many will be free.

The download library will grow as new titles are added on a regular basis

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Permissions Requested:

In order to download books to your device, the app requires storage access permission.

In App Purchasing.

Many gamebooks are free but some must be paid for.

Credit where credit is due:

•Store Graphics : “Selected by freepik”  http://www.freepik.com
•Development Language: http://www.b4x.com/ B4A(Basic 4 Android.

IFAS Reader & Creator  has been developed and tested on the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8"
Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10"
Samsung Galaxy TabA
Kurio 10" Tablet
Alcatel One Touch
ARCHOS 80 Platinum
Lenovo  A7600-H
RCA Saturn10 Pro

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