Nuisance Noise Recorder:

Nuisance Noise Recorder is a simple app designed to automatically record noise over a set decibel limit.

Nuisance Noise Recorder is a great app for both proving or even disproving nuisance noise.

Nuisance Noise Recorder is not designed to be voice dictation app or a covert security app that records conversations in the background while displaying something else on the screen or recording while the screen is off or suspended.

Nuisance Noise Recorder will run for as long as you leave it listening and will record whatever events occur above the set Decibel Level, this application requires that is is left on and visible on the screen when running.

We recommend that you ensure your device is fully charged and then leave it plugged in whilst monitoring the surrounding environment

Nuisance Noise Recorder will pause listening when a call comes in and resume once the call has finished.

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How to use Nuisance Noise Recorder...

By default the decibel trigger level is 80Db you will need to change this to a value above your normal ambient levels

Run the app and watch the Decibel Values, when the target noise occurs see what Decibel Value it occurs at and set the software a few decibel points below.

You can set what obstructions there are to the target noise like Brick/Concrete Walls, Wooden Flooring, Open Window & Fence-Line etc.

You can set the approx distance to the target noise.

When you start the app listening, it uses your GPS to get a Latitude & Longitude position fix, this is recorded to the database along with any sound files.

The app will record 30 second segments when the decibel level exceeds the value you set the limit to.

The events that occur can be reviewed over a daily basis, set the date and all events will be sown in two 12 hour clocks (AM & PM) each sound file can be played back (even removed if required)

The app can compress all the sound files for a specified date along with a CSV of all the events into a zip folder that can be transferred to a PC or uploaded to your Dropbox or G-Drive as required.

The Export feature requires an in-app purchase to create the zip file. IMPORTANT: Do not purchase the zip export if you cannot hear the recorded audio in the recordings, Only purchase an export when you are happy the recordings contain the information your require.

NNR may not work on all devices! Not all devices contain quality recording components.

The sound files are standard WAV files and will play in Windows desktop and android devices, the CSV will open in any text editor or MS Excel.


Permissions Requested:

Your GPS is used to mark the location of the nuisance noise, this is generally a requirement of most authorities and ensures the recordings taken match the location specified.

In order to record what goes on, the app requires permission to use the Microphone.

In order to create an export zip file in a location that is easy for you to access, the app requires storage access permission.

In order for the app to keep the screen alive whilst listening for nuisance noise. The app requires permission to use the Phone features that allow this to occur.

In App Purchasing.

Nuisance Nose Recorder allows you to record the nuisance nose and only when your’re happy with the recording will you need to purchase the licence to export the recording for a specified day

Originally the app was set  to require a payment for each and all exports even if you have previously paid for a specific day, you were required to pay again for the export.

We have now decide to change this and if you pay for a specific day you are not required to pay for it again. This is only in effect from the July 2018 update Version 1.0 build 11. for purchase made after the release of Version    1.0 Build 11 and does not in any way affect previous export and only affects data recorded on a specific device. You will still need to purchase an export for all other days recorded

in a future versions we intend to allow those who use the app a lot and need to create more than a weeks worth of exports, we will add a new in app payment. A permanent licence to export what you need to do for a single fee. this will come info force in October / November 2018 The Permanent licence does not affect previously exported days and only cover exported days following the update in November Version 1.1 Build 13.

Credit where credit is due:

•Store Graphics : “Selected by freepik”
•Some B4X Library's and Classes: Johan Schoeman & DonManfred
•Development Language: B4A(Basic 4 Android)

Nuisance Noise Recorder has been developed and tested on the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8"
Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10"
Samsung Galaxy TabA
Kurio 10" Tablet
Alcatel One Touch
ARCHOS 80 Platinum
Lenovo  A7600-H
RCA Saturn10 Pro

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