IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is with regret that WMKA Location Tracker has now been retired from the Google Play Store
Google Play has made changes to its permissions and will now, not allow apps that are not the devices default handler for SMS.use the SMS system. Unfortunatly this means WMKA Location Tracker cannot send out Text Message panic alerrts and as most panic events are out of Wi-Fi range the widget becomes useless.

You can however side isntall the app on Android devicess lower than version 8

The link below will allow you to download the ZIP file containing the APK.

Are you a parent that finds it a worry, wondering where your kids are (or even your elderly parents) and although they have use of mobile phones the usual reply you get to the question;

“Where have you been?” and “couldn’t you let me know where you were?”

Would be

“Well I didn’t know where I was!” and “I didn’t have time to send a text… “

Yeah, right!

Or maybe you are someone who likes to know where you are and keep a record of where you have been without having to make notes or fiddle around with other GPS mapping and navigation software

Well, here’s the answer.

A small widget application, that sits on the phones home screen and tells you where you or they are. You or they don’t have to do a lot to make it work!!!

Simply put WMKA Location Tracker is a small home screen widget that is designed to inform others of the whereabouts of the phone when you want them to know, using the WMKA Location Tracker widget.

At the press of a button, the software will use the phones GPS and work out where it is (reverse Geo-Code the coordinates) and depending on the button pressed it will either send an email or an email and an SMS Text message to whoever is listed in the relevant WMKA Location Tracker contact lists along with a little message…

Please read the user guide for full details on the application operation.



Your privacy is very important and WMKA Location Tracker keeps it’s own list of emails and mobile numbers.
This list is NOT shared or given to anyone else, it’s completely private. When you use the widget only those in your lists will be informed of your location, this information is NOT given or sold to any third parties!

Android Permissions:

    Privacy -

    • Edit your text messages(SMS or MMS) send SMS mesages (This may cost you money)
    • Precise Location (GPS and Network-based)
    • modify or delete the contents of your SD card. read the contents of your SD card

    Dvice Access -

    • Full Network Access
    • Run at startup

You must accept the permissions to install the software!



  • Android 4.xx or above
  • A mobile Phone (Smart Phone) with GPS capabilities (requires ‘High Accuracy’ option in your phone settings)
  • A mobile Internet Data Plan and/or Wi-Fi Internet. (optional)
  • An SMS Text Account (usually comes with a phone) (optional)



The widget will be free to download and use.

Below you can download the Android App (APK in a ZIP File) and the  user guide.

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The WMKA Location Tracker


User Guide.

WMKA Location Tracker User Guide.pdf


WMKA Location Tracker can cost you money, whilst I do not charge a re-occuring  subscription nor do I charge or use premium rate services, the Panic feature of the software will send standard SMS text messages to each mobile number listed in your panic activation list.

This means, if you have 3 numbers in the Panic Activation List, your Mobile Operator/Network will charge you for 3 outgoing Text Messages each time you press the panic button!


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WMKA Location Tracker APK.

WMKA Location Tracker app in a ZiP Archive


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